Advantages of using Peat Pots

Peat pots are decomposable

Peat pots are made out of biodegradable material, allowing seedlings to be transplanted while remaining in their peat pot containers, reducing transplant shock and root disturbance. Peat pots remain sturdy during the growth phase while indoor or in a nursery, making it easy to work with, once transplanted outdoors, plant roots can penetrate through the pot, allowing for additional growth.

Peat Pots can be partially submerged in water, by doing so the water is fed from below, this promotes root growth as seedlings try to reach out for the moisture below. Seedlings can be left unattended for multiple days as the water continues to feed them. The period depends on the tray size and amount of water added. We recommend submerging the pots in 1/2 inch of water and using this method for fast growing seeds that take less than 10 days to sprout. This method was used for the video above, it was captured over a period of 4 days without adding any additional water.

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